Actualización de ‪SportsCode‬ Versión 10.2.2

Nueva actualización de ‪#‎SportsCode‬ Versión 10.2.2

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SportsCode 10.2.2 (10-162-8) Update

This release includes the following maintenance updates:

Movie windows will now behave properly and will no longer restrict access to other windows such as the timeline.
The floating movie controls will now stay in the bounds of their movie window.
Combining and Databasing of movies with different stack sizes are now handled a lot better.
Databasing from the Movie Organizer has been fixed for certain codecs.
Optimizations were added in handling the changing between stack views.
Pro users should now be able to successfully select a button’s ID field on Code Windows.
A memory leak was fixed that was preventing the combining of a large number of timelines.
Sending multiple instances from the find window to a movie organizer will now no longer create an individual row for each instance.
When using find and replace to rename labels to nothing (0 characters) the labels will be removed. 
Added “Report” button to the code window toolbar for SportsCode Player.
Overlay Movies can now be aligned again using the Shift+Option keys.
When right clicking on a movie the “Copy Movie Frame” option has now returned.
You now only require a double click on a matrix cell to view its movie instead of three clicks.
Fixed a crash that was caused by pressing some of the preferences default buttons.
The Make Movie button in the movie organizer should now work as expected for all movies.
Duplicating rows on a statistical window when some columns are locked should now work as expected.
Instance/chapter markers should now appear for all stacked movie instances. 
The XML Import button on the startup screen now works as intended. Will ask you for the XML and will then ask you for a movie to link to the timeline.
Timelines with no linked movie will no longer auto link to the first movie it can find in its corresponding folder.
There were also numerous small maintenance fixes and updates across most areas of SportsCode.