Firstbeat desarrolla herramientas especializadas basadas en el análisis de la variabilidad cardiaca para mejorar tanto el rendimiento competitivo como la salud. Firstbeat es líder mundial en el sumnistro de análisis fisiológicos para deportes, fitness y bienestar.

El Sistema genera un modelo digital del cuerpo humano proporcionando información avanzada sobre la fisiología del organismo, que permite optimizar el rendimiento deportivo y mejorar la salud. Firstbeat es utilizado a diario por cientos de equipos deportivos y clubs de élite, miles de empresas y millones de consumidores en todo el mundo para mejorar su rendimiento y bienestar, evaluando ejercicio, estrés, sueño y recuperación. 

Strong Basis on Research
Firstbeat has developed revolutionary analytics technology that creates a digital model of user's physiology through advanced modelling of heart function and heart rate variability (HRV). The background of Firstbeat is in exercise and physiological sciences and our products are based on physiology research.

We employ 40+ specialists in physiology, analytics, sports technologies and well-being. Firstbeat analytics software based solutions are based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling and product designs. And a lots of physiological data from laboratory and field. We have analyzed several trillions of heart beats.

Altogether millions of individuals are already using Firstbeat analytics to promote sports performance and healthy life.





Hands-on Tool for Health and Wellness Professionals

Based on 15 years of experience in heart rate variability (HRV), Firstbeat has developed a unique body analytics technology. We can provide a real-life 24h tracking of stress, recovery, sleep quality and health benefits of exercise.

Firstbeat is used worldwide by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations and millions of consumer to get personalized and actionable information on stress, recovery and exercise. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment enables cost-effective databased coaching for health and wellness promotion services, employee health and performance coaching.

Design targeted and customized steps to help your clientsGet a complete picture on your client's well-being: 24/7 assessment combining work, leisure and sleep
Conduct objective and accurate assessments in real-life context
Provide an eye opener: data motivates your client for lifestyle changes
Easy to apply, complete solution with Firstbeat Bodyguard HRV recorder, cloud solution for service delivery, comperehensive and automated reporting, training and support.
Identify the early signs of stress and overload before more serious exhaustion or burnout
Add value to your wellness offering: Cost-effective and clear revenue generation

Applicable to different types of wellness offering:

Wellness and performance coaching for individuals and groups
Corporate wellness and on-site health programs for entire personnel or risk groups
Personal training services and physical activity guidance
Physical workload, rehabilitation and research
Interventions (E.g. stress, weigh loss, exercise)

How to leverage your sales and wellness offering with Firstbeat: Contact us for more information on what Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment professional tool can offer to your business.