The Company

FUSION SPORT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grabba International Pty Ltd, specialising in applying Sports Science to developing technology and education products for a wide range of sports and activities.

Fusion is one of five companies under the umbrella of Grabba International Pty Ltd. Grabba has a total of 28 full time employees, approximately half of which work on the Fusion Sport business.

The Vision

To be a global leader in the provision of innovative technologies for assessing and optimising performance, health and fitness for professional and semi-professional sporting teams, centres of excellence, schools, universities and military institutions.

Product Philosophy

Most sports technology companies focus on a range of standalone products which serve discrete and specific purposes for assessing athlete performance, stress or capacity. Fusion Sport’s philosophy is that in order for technology to be truly beneficial it must be technology which enriches the lives of those who use it, and on whom it is used, on a regular basis.

Fusion’s flagship product, SMARTSPEED, was designed to not simply be another standard “timing gate system”, but rather a system which not only made athlete assessment quick and easy, but was also of great value on a daily basis by enriching the training environment with real time feedback, and new drills which challenged athletes in new ways. Since 2003 Fusion Sport has now grown to have two major product lines, with many accessories and options to meet the end need of users. The Fusion R&D team in constantly innovating, and each year the company averages over two new product releases.

Fusion Sport’s core product philosophies include:
Latest proven technologies: sophisticated and robust wireless devices free of messy cables and easy to set up.
Best practice: all of our products must be the best in terms of accuracy, reliability quality
Automation: using technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification) to automate system use and save time and effort
Integration: seeking and designing technologies which provide the end user with seamless solutions which simply work
Innovation: constantly improving in response to feedback from our valued customers